Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Looking for luck in 2012?

It is rarely by chance that people are consistently lucky, the evidence shows there is a science behind being lucky.  Lucky people have either learned to be or are naturally relaxed, optimistic people.  They have the confidence to try new things and explore new avenues of opportunity.  They tend to be more sociable, networking, increasing their likelihood of coming across some connection that then leads them to success.  They tend to be engaging and listen to their intuition.  Their cups are invariably half full and anticipate success and good fortune.  They see their goals in their minds eye, rehearse that success which helps them to focus on what they need to do and they work through any obstacles that get in their way.   

So ask yourself what changes to your personality would bring you more opportunities.   Perhaps it’s to overcome a performance anxiety, a social phobia or indeed any phobia that you find restricts the way you live your life.  Perhaps it is start thinking positively and stop habits that have dulled your clear thinking for years.  Perhaps it’s to find the energy, stamina, to succeed no matter what life throws at you.  We all experience failure, but turning that around into an experience from which we can learn to succeed is key.

Neither Hypnotherapy nor Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can guarantee you a win on the lottery, but may help you to help yourself make the changes to your life that you consider are preventing you from being the best person you can be.  Helping to instil a change in mind, focus and give you the encouragement to make a difference and achieve success whatever success is within your grasp.  The optimism, relaxation, sociability, goal focus that hypnotic state promotes can increase luck.   Some of the best luck in life is to be lucky enough to enjoy being you and all that you means, regardless of wealth.

So if there’s something holding you back, if you need some help with your new year resolutions, if you just generally want to have a brighter outlook on life, it may be worth a call to Pam's hypnotherapy services, Rugby or Daventry,also Hypnotherapist, Sally Kalums, Leicestershire and other hypnotherapists from the The Completmentary Practice website. 

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